Weird Girl

Kauai, Hawaii

23 years of life in this world, & I seem to encounter the same statement everywhere I turn even as I travel across the globe. “You are the weirdest person I’ve ever met Sara.” I think this picture is me, at least from one of many angles. I turn my world upside down and embark on paths where I’m pushed to shove any & all limitations away from me so there may be no boundaries..I am boundless. Free to fly higher than any airplane. Deep enough in soul where I would be so honored as to have permission granted by the fish to swim alongside creatures of ponds, rivers, waterfalls, and oceans. To explore the deep seas so dark that for a time light loses it’s very meaning. To grasp that depth, and combine it with my own where I would become indescribable in words to the human race. Perhaps only through poetry could a person understand my red hot visions of skin & bone sinking into sand, being in sync with the Negev Desert. And that rather than feeling fearful, I was entranced by the rising sun there. A color gold that would trick a greedy man into finding his worth in life, & a size so comparable to a super giant star, that I all but expected it to burst into supernova with blinding white hot light. Old life and new life, each finding their place in the universe. Most days I can’t seem to find enough words for the way I’m feeling because I feel so much in a matter of seconds. My emotions arrive in UPS package style at the feet of another person. I imagine that if they were to open me up, there’d be a flutter of images escaping to the skies and earth like butterflies and trees, lions and elephants who’d feel eager to return home to their place in Africa. And then there’d be an array of visions blinding that persons current reality. Like rainforests rising from the ground, beaches that’d remind me of the places I visited and would quickly call home in Australia. Man do I miss it there, and the people, especially the people. I can’t wait to visit all of those awesome individual, international friends one day. So I’m older now. It’s August 5th and August 3rd has passed as it does every year. With everything said, I believe this to be a good mentality to embrace on my new 23 year old journey. I must find home within myself so it’ll be with me everywhere I travel, on every path I embark on, for all of the knowledge learned & wisdom gained, I’ll share it with the world.

With great weirdness comes great responsibility.

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