10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Places To Snorkel + Scuba Dive

 Below land, there is an entire world that makes up 71% of the earths’ surface.Though I’ve traveled to many tropical locations, it was my recent experiences in the Islands of Hawaii that left me breathless for reasons beyond my lack of gills. My time in Maui created enchanting memories of swimming beside majestic sea turtles and successfully going on my first dive. Kauai filled my mind with sights beyond the imagination such as unified pods of spinner dolphins by the hundreds, & peering into the mint green eyes of a baby octopus as it was wrapped around my arm. This trip inspired me to embark on adventures around the globe where I can continue to immerse myself in the magic of the underwater kingdom.I encourage everyone to do the same, so I did the hard part for you – the research – here are 10 of the world’s most beautiful places to snorkel & dive.







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