Lost & Found: Australia Day 2017

When I was in Australia, I’d let my heart do the walking.

I’d go on morning runs, walks in neighboring towns, and hikes along the outback. Heck, there were times when I never made it to class because I preferred to stroll with the kangs on campus. Somehow my feet always knew where they were headed before I did, and I was okay with that.

I realize that amidst all of the recent chaos & concern for myself, for my country, & for the world, I’ve cornered myself into a hole where I feel chronically stuck, blind to the future, and unable to find my path in this life.

These are shots of me straying off the Kondalilla Falls trail to find a place I wasn’t sure existed. Looking at this photo now, I’m reminded how important it is to trust our instincts. That everything we are and everything we’re meant to be already exists, we need only follow the light inside of ourselves.

When your curiosity peaks, follow your👣💚Happy Australia Day🇦🇺 Photo credit: @barefoot.brooke #gofindyourself #wanderlust #kondalillafalls #sunshinecoast #australiaday2017

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